Adult Education

We read in our morning prayers “talmud torah k’neged kulam”– Torah study is equivalent to all of the other mitzvot”. Jewish tradition assigns great importance to the act of learning because the nature of study not only nourishes our hearts, minds and souls, but it leads us to action.

Come join the intellectual conversation this year at Bnai Jehudah; come for prayer, for study and for a deeper connection with your Jewish life.”

Re-Introduction to Judaism Begins August 25


Midrash on the Weekly Torah Portion Torah/Bible Study

Wednesday Mornings – Virtual
10:00am – 11:30am

Dive into the weekly Torah portion. No experience required. 

This seminar focuses on the weekly Torah reading with occasional excursions to other elements of Jewish life.

What is Midrash? It is the Rabbis’ way of fleshing out the cryptic Torah text with stories and seeking psychological insight through a close probing of Torah language. Start your day by delving into these rich and insightful texts! Grab a cup of coffee and join our clergy for this always exciting exploration of our Torah and its many faceted lessons. Drop-ins welcome!

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