Yalla! Let’s Go!

Yalla! Let’s Go!, is an entirely new approach to learning at B’nai Jehudah’s Religious School. We are committed to providing our children with the most impactful education that nurtures Jewish meaning, connection and continuity while inspiring them to ask big questions and have fun. Yalla! includes:
  • A New Curriculum
  • Four New Immersive Spaces
  • Countless Powerful Learning Opportunities
all together with the B’nai Jehudah family you love. We can’t wait to make new memories with our students!!!
Our Student-Centered Curriculum

The new Yalla! curriculum will be used in the classrooms as well as  in our new immersive spaces, and aligns perfectly with our religious school models, based on the whole-person framework that constantly evaluates what students know, puts into action (doing), believe, and where each student belongs. Yalla! will nurture all four of these areas to help each student lay the foundation for their own Jewish path. Our purpose is to work in partnership with our families to help lay a foundation for our students – giving them the tools they need to develop into engaged Jewish adults.

The key actions in this new model for learning are: Knowing, Doing, Believing/Valuing, and Belonging (KDBB), and the end goal is to give our students the tools and support they need (in partnership with their families) to grow into engaged Jewish adults.

While our faculty began implementing the whole-person learning model via Zoom this past year, much of the last year focused on our students’ general well-being. As such, we worked primarily on connecting students to their teachers and their peers, to help them from feeling as isolated during the pandemic. Looking forward to the 2021-22 school year, we are very excited to begin a focused implementation of the four elements of KDBB. Students of all ages will participate in various aspects of KDBB, and our new immersive curriculum will ensure the focus for each age group is developmentally and age appropriate. So you will find that children at various ages are doing more work in specific areas:

  • Doing: Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st graders will spend most of their time focused on DOING as they learn about and practice Jewish values, Jewish rituals and holidays, Jewish life-cycle, and biblical stories.
  • Knowing: 2nd and 3rd grade will spend most of their time focused on KNOWING the fundamental Jewish text, traditions, beliefs, and history.
  • Believing: 4th and 5th grade students will begin to explore what they BELIEVE about prayer, Torah, and God.
  • Belonging: The 6th graders will embrace BELONGING as they enter into Jewish adulthood and their relationships deepen. They will focus on how their knowledge, their beliefs, and their actions (what they do), connect them to each other and the Jewish community.

While their focus is designed to best meet the needs of each developmental stage, all students will participate in various aspects of KDBB. Better yet, our new physical space will allow students to become immersed in the space, topic, and experience. Teachers and madrichim (teacher helpers) will accompany the students as they engage in all four elements. For example, when kindergartners learn the Shema, they will learn in the BELIEVING pod. When 4th and 5th graders learn the history of Israel, they will do this in our new KNOWING space dedicated to Israel. There will be lots of cross-over, lots of connections between the elements, the spaces, and the students while they actively KNOW, BELIEVE, BELONG, AND DO Judaism. 

We are excited to share more about Yalla! Let’s Go! in the coming months!

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