Rabbi Jill Jacobs 
January 24-25


sponsored by the Social Justice Committee and the Zedek Social Justice Fund 


In the days the Temple stood in Jerusalem, the shofar was a specialized instrument. It was used as a call of impending danger. It was used to announce important moments – new moons, holidays, festivals. And it was a call to arms!

The blast of the shofar. It still calls to us today. 

An organization dedicated to addressing and combating human rights abuses in Israel adopted the image of the shofar as it’s logo…and echoes the clarion call of the shofar in its name: T’ruah.

It’s mission is awe-filled: “Grounded in Torah and our Jewish historical experience and guided by the Universal Declaration of Humasn Rights, we advocate for human rights in Israel and North America.” Israel and the United States are twinned in so many ways. Both pride themselves for being true democracies. Yet, both here and in Israel. human rights are too often ignored and – even, at times – violently trampled upon. It is T’ruah’s mission to call out the injustice and demand a return to core Jewish and Western human rights values.  

Rabbi Jill Jacobs is the Executive Director of T’ruah.  

She is the passion and the soul behind this organization. As a people reminded constantly to “remember the stranger, for you were strangers in Mitzrayim,” it is Rabbi Jacob’s goal to help us remain true to that vision, to call us to be an “Am Kadosh,” a holy people. Rabbi Jacobs and T’ruah sound the shofar to the human ills in our midst…and offer us ways to heal the brokenness we see.

This weekend we are pleased that Rabbi Jacobs will be our Scholar-in-Residence. She will offer a keynote address during Erev Shabbat services. On Shabbat morning, she will teach as part of our informal service. Then, we invite all teens and college students from the Jewish community for a Kiddush Lunch and an opportunity to study in an intimate setting. Finally, she will speak again at 7:00 pm. For a full listing of her topics during the weekend, CLICK HERE.