Small Groups

Find (or share) your passion alongside others through small groups!

Are you striving for new connections during quarantine? Looking to find new friends? Want to chat with like-minded people who share a similar hobby or interest?

Consider forming or joining a small group of 10-12 fellow B’nai Jehudah members for virtual meet-ups. As a group you will determine how often you want to meet and what platform will work best (Zoom, FaceTime, conference call, etc.). Small groups are just that: Small groups of individuals, couples, or families that help make our big community feel small. 

Click on the icons above to sign up for the Small Group of your choice, or come up with a new idea! As groups form, we will provide a Zoom videoconference room for your group to get together. Need some inspiration as to what to offer? Consider these ideas:

  • Those Quarantining Alone
  • Parenting Under Quarantine
  • Home Chefs
  • Gardening
  • Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Movie/TV/Streaming Conversation
  • Learning a Language
  • Wine Tasting/Cocktail Making

Want to help facilitate a topic listed above, or have an idea not listed here? Email Rabbi Leighton with the following information: 

  • topic + 1 sentence description
  • how often your group will meet
  • a portrait photo of yourself and a 1 sentence bio so participants can get to know you; selfies are perfectly acceptable! 

Not ready to lead a group yet? We’ll send/post information soon for those interested in participating! 

The Fine Print 
We will only offer small group meetings/activities/classes Sunday-Thursday, anytime between 10:00 am – 5:30 pm, and 6:15-9:00 pm. We ask that small groups do not meet during our daily minyan, Boker Tov Live (9:30 am) or anytime on Shabbat. If your group involves food, please avoid any dishes that include pork, shellfish, or other non-kosher animals.