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Shomrei Yerusha – Guardians of the Legacy

Planned giving is a very special tool of philanthropy. Whatever form your Planned Gift takes, please keep in mind that it is a wonderful way to support The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehudah for the future generations to come.

To further explore the benefits of making a planned gift to The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehudah and be recognized in Shomrei Yerusha, Guardians of the Legacy Society, please contact Jeanne Kort Adler. She would love to speak with you and help discuss your ideas and passions for leaving a legacy for future generations. You are encouraged to consult your personal legal and tax professional advisers to discuss what options are best for your personal situation.


Shirley & Alfred Kohlman (z’l)

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General Fund

Hunger / Social Justice Fund

Rabbi Nemitoff’s Discretionary Fund

Frank J. Adler Temple Leadership Fund – To fund programs for leadership development

Dan & Dori Aks Fund – To fund the congregation’s religious education efforts

Hans & Elisabeth Archenhold Library Fund – To fund the Library

Irvin D. Atlas Memorial Lectureship Fund – To fund Friday evening worship service speaker

Sarah & Barney Berkowitz Memorial Scholarship Fund – To fund college scholarships

Blitt Family Temple Senior Citizens Fund – To fund senior citizens’ activities including transportation to and from worship services

The Allen and Gloria Block Charitable Fund – To provide equipment needs for the religious school program

Jacob and Elizabeth Blum Temple Camp Scholarship Fund – To provide scholarships for our youth to attend Reform Jewish camps

Alfred M. and Bernice C. Blumenthal Memorial Temple Museum Fund – To fund the enlargement of the our collection of ceremonial Judaica

Alfred M. and Bernice C. Blumenthal Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund – To provide scholarships for youth to attend Reform Jewish camps

Ethel and Arnold Botwin Education Fund – To be used for providing programs that will, if possible, involve women studying to be rabbis, cantors or Jewish educators

Braeman Family Education Fund – To fund formal and informal Jewish learning activities and opportunities for children of members of the Congregation

Barton P. Cohen and Mary Davidson Cohen Fund – To fund a lecture, scholar in residence or musical program as determined by the Board of Trustees

Jerome and Jeannette Cohen Retreat Fund – To provide for informal education retreats for children and adults

Julian K. and Kathryn Davidson Education and Library Fund – To provide for the library, including the purchase of books, software or hardware. The fund may also be used to bring in speakers or to underwrite programs that may contribute to educational innovation for the congregation.

Mossel-Miller Dworkin Education Fund – To provide religious school scholarship for members in financial need

Family Enrichment Fund – To provide for a scholar-in-residence on subjects pertaining to the Jewish family

Myron L. and Louise Stam Garfinkle Education Fund – To foster quality and affordable Jewish education for the children of the congregation in grades K-6

Leonard Glazer Scholarship Fund – To provide Religious School and Hebrew School scholarships

Barney and Estelle Goldberg Scholarship Fund – To fund scholarships for youth to attend Jewish Reform camps, travel to the State of Israel for Jewish educational purposes, NFTY activities and confirmation year trip.

Rudy and Phyllis Green Youth Fund – To fund formal & informal Jewish learning activities

Greif Family Fund – To fund tutors for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation program

Flo Harris Memorial Education Fund – To sponsor programs designed to provide educational opportunities for highly sophisticated adult groups of Jewishly illiterate Jews

Max and Regine Harwick Fund – To provide scholarships, on the basis of financial need, to assist children of members to attend the congregation’s Religious and Hebrew schools and to support the religious school activities

Gail Himmelstein Teachers Fund – To provide scholarships to programs that enrich one’s Jewish knowledge and teaching techniques, such scholarships being reserved for the Religious School administrators and teachers based on achievement

Elliot and Ann Jacobson Camp Scholarship Fund – For the benefit and purpose of funding camp scholarships for youth who wants to attend Reform Jewish camp

Bob Jonas Memorial Camp Scholarship – To provide scholarships for youth to attend Reform Jewish camps

Lester and Ethyl Kahn Memorial Temple Youth Fund – To fund youth activities other than the Youth Advisor/Director’s salary

Sam and Helen Kaplan Fund – To underwrite musical programs, speakers on the arts, authors on art, or assist with non controversial plays

Martin and Phyllis P. Lehman Memorial Scholarship – To provide funds for the benefit of children’s religious education

Morris A. Lerner Memorial Scholarship Fund – To provide funds to encourage attendance, preferably of religious school teachers and volunteers, at the Conference of Alternatives in Jewish Education or programs of a similar nature

Joseph (Bud) and Ethel Liebman Memorial Camp Scholarship – To provide scholarships for Religious School students to participate in summer camp programs sponsored by the Reform movement

Cyril and Rowena Milens Temple Fund – To fund some aspect of the annual congregational budget

Ben and Helen Poisner Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund – To provide scholarships that will assist high school students to participate in Israel programs approved by the congregation

Cecelia Robinson Fund – To sponsor religious educational programs beyond the normal religious educational programs provided by the congregation

Dorothy Schifman Memorial Fund – To sponsor Jewish religious educational, worship, and cultural programs for the benefit of the congregation by way of electronic communication

Bernard and Matilda Shamberg Fund – To foster and facilitate the attendance at lectures, workshops, retreats, seminars and social celebrations by Jewish youth in their appreciation and support of, and adherence to, the Jewish religion

H.J. and Tamara Sharp Memorial Temple College Fund – To provide programming for B’nai Jehudah college students such as materials for holiday celebrations, newsletters, books, and gatherings

Emanuel and Edith Spack Temple Scholarship Fund – To provide scholarship assistance to B’nai Jehudah youngsters studying to become rabbis, cantors, or educators at HUC-JIR, or when there are no such students, the income may be used to fund adult education programs

Wendy Talbot Memorial Youth-in-crisis Outreach Temple Fund – To fund programs, specific assistance, training sessions for staff or faculty, outreach efforts, parent awareness programming, and other opportunities that address the goal of helping youth in danger

Foster L. Talge Memorial Fund – To sponsor adult education programs including lectures and film series

Jerry T. Taube Memorial Religious School Scholarship – To fund book and supply expenses in the operating budget for religious school for those who are unable to meet the school fees

Alan M. and Lois K. Turner Memorial Scholarship Fund – For the purpose of assisting children of members to participate in visits, approved by the congregation, to Israel, Washington DC Holocaust Museum or other meaningful Jewish sites

Bradley Weiner Memorial Fund – To fund the position of Youth Group Advisor

Nathan Weiner Memorial Temple Camp Scholarship Fund – To provide scholarships for youth to attend Reform Jewish camps

Joseph R. and Mildred Wilner Temple Scholarship Fund – For scholarship benefiting young people of our congregation to enhance the recipients’ understanding and appreciation of Judaism and Jewish life in the context with the value of Reform Judaism

Wolfberg Family Fine Arts Fund – To purchase objects of art for the beautification of the synagogue, to present programs or exhibits furthering the appreciation of Jewish art, to frame and reframe art objects, to provide permanent identification plaques for art objects, and to light and provide materials necessary for properly displaying objects of art Rabbi Michael R. Zedek Social Justice and Education Fund – To provide financial support for programs promoting social justice and Jewish education to include, but not limited to educating the general community about Jews and Judaism; providing caring programs for the elderly, disabled, and home-bound; supporting harmonious relations among the citizens of the Kansas City area; and such other programs as are consistent with the spirit of this fund.