Machane Jehudah

What is Machane Jehudah?

Machane Jehudah is the best of family, camp, and experiential education! The Machane Jehudah camp is a 2-week experience filled with friends, fun, projects, challenges, sports, singing, praying, eating, acting, playing and learning. Machane Jehudah camp is scheduled to be in session this summer, July 6-17, 2020. 
Registration is currently open. For more information, or to register your rising 2nd-5th grader, please contact Emily Williams, or register here.
  • Machane Jehudah Contact and Medical Info Form (required for all campers prior to July 6) [download]
  • Machane Jehudah Machane Jehudah 2020 Health & Safety Policies [download]
More about Machane Jehudah
Machane Jehudah continues throughout the year with monthly experiences for the whole family to enjoy, learn and grow together. In combination, the Machane Jehudah summer and family program meet the educational requirements for The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehudah, however students may elect to participate in Machane Jehudah and our Sunday Morning Program if they want to participate in both!
Machane Jehudah Camp requires a minimum of 25 campers enrolled by June 30 (maximum 50) for the program to run.


The Summer Experience

Machane Jehudah is filled with friends, fun, projects, challenges and sports, singing, praying, eating, acting, playing, oh and some learning too.

The Curriculum

The Machane Jehudah program includes a two weeks camp style experience during the summer and several family programs throughout the school year.

The curriculum is created to ensure that during the 4 years that the students are part of Machane Jehudah, they will achieve similar, but uniquely different curricular goals from those participating in the congregational Sunday school program. This does include a Hebrew primer program for those entering into 3rd grade.

The Prayers

Each morning we start our day with prayer (t’fillot) to wake us up and get us ready for the day.

Prayer time is filled with stories, learning and understanding the prayers, singing and lots of ruach or spirit.

The Field Trips

During the Machane Jehudah summer program, the students have the chance to go on 2-3 field trips. Off campus adventures may include:

Village Shalom

A chance to visit with and possibly entertain some residents. A great opportunity to do a mitzvah, and get some community service hours.

Iron Woods Park Challenge Course

The students overcome their fears, push themselves to their limits, and rise to the challenge at Iron Woods.

The Mitzvah Garden

Each morning the students spend time working in the Mitzvah Garden. Under the guidance of the volunteers who run the garden they pick vegetables, pull weeds, take care of the soil, water the plants, and anything else needed. As a bonus, students can receive community service hours for the time spent working in the Mitzvah Garden.

The Outdoors

Weather permitting, Machane Jehudah students are outside most of the day. In the morning students spend their time in their group’s tent, in the garden or on the sports field. In the afternoon students participate in their elective activities such as art, music and sports. The most popular sports at MJ include Gaga, soccer, 500, and a ton of games that you have never heard of before!

The Jewish Reasons

1.The Fun – Where else could you have this much fun being Jewish?
2.The Friends – Make Jewish friendships that will last a lifetime!
3.The Learning – Jewish camp style learning counts for Sunday School!
4.The staff – they are Jewish and they rock!
5.The field trips – “Where ever you go, there’s always someone Jewish”
6.The Jewish memories
7.The sports – Who else plays Gaga?!
8.The art – You bet it’s Jewish
9.The music – Jewish music rocks the lunch room every day!
10.Why would you want to miss it?!