And you thought the holidays were over….  

Welcome to Sukkot! Sukkot has its basis in the fall agricultural harvest and is an opportunity to thank God for the bounty that is ours, and to recognize that we are part of the world “out there” and not apart from it.. We express this in many ways: building a sukkah and eating/sleeping in it; inviting guests into the sukkah….and at B’nai Jehudah, there are two giving opportunities to demonstrate we are a part and not apart.


First, our Giving Trees. Last year, Rabbi Shuval-Weiner began a new tradition when she invited us to do one act of caring in the days between Yom Kippur and Simchat Torah. This year, we put out 613 leaves. Many picked up leaves from our giving trees on Yom Kippur. (We still have about 40 leaves left. If you can do one good deed in the next couple of weeks, on Erev Sukkot a tree!) Here is how it works: Take a leaf or read the leaf you already took, perform the small act of chesed listed, and make contact with the sponsoring group to complete your act. It’s your act of giving


The second opportunity we have is to help feed the hungry. We did an AWESOME job for Harvester’s. Now, we turn inward and help the Jewish community. Our own Jewish Family Service opened its own food pantry this past year. Hunger knows no religious boundaries…it affect plenty of those in the Jewish community, as well.

It is time to replenish the shelves of our own community’s food pantry. So, please bring a grocery bag to Erev Sukkot services (or anytime in the coming 10 days) and place it in our JFS Food Pantry barrels in our lobby. Our goal? 100 bags of non-perishable food to donate to JFS. Here is a list of items (kosher & non-kosher) needed at this time: canned tuna or salmon, peanut butter, juice, cereal (hot & cold), canned or dry beans, personal care items, cleaning products, paper goods.

As we enter the week-long holiday of Sukkot, let each of us give thanks for our good lives by sharing what we have with others!