From Herve Humler, the President of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel: “At Ritz-Carlton, every one of the ladies and gentlemen who work for us carry a wallet-sized credo card with them at all times. It states our three steps of service:

1. Extend a warm welcome.
2. Anticipate and fulfill stated and unstated needs.
3. Provide a fond farewell.
ritzcarltonAs you can see from number one, welcoming is our top priority. But, in fact, all three steps are about welcoming. Only if the totality of an experience is authentically meaningful can a person truly feel welcome. What is true of a hotel is true of a home. How often are we all guilty of asking, “How are you?” without expecting or being interested in a real answer about the other person’s successes or challenges, frustrations or fears. To truly welcome another requires truly caring about another.

This is why, above all, our success is due to the fact that our credo is not simply a collection of words. At every level, we are sincerely happy to see our guests when they arrive, appreciate the time they spend with us, and look forward to their return. It takes constant effort, but companies, too, can care.”

As the new year dawns, how shall we greet those we encounter….in our homes, in our workplaces, in our congregation, on the street? Are we sincerely happy to see our brothers and sisters? Are we concerned with their frustrations and hopes?

How might we – within each encounter we have with another person – incorporate the values every Ritz-Carlton employee embraces? If we do, what would our world look like next year? Just imagine….just imagine.