Confirmation: A Distance Learning Opportunity
Confirmation will continue to meet virtually as a group with B’nai Jehudah rabbis to learn, connect, discuss and grow with their peers. All Confirmation Zoom meetings are private, with restricted access for Confirmation students and their families. Parents will receive Zoom meeting information via email prior to each Confirmation class.

Parent Resources for Teens
The global pandemic can be an especially confusing or stressful time for our teenagers.
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We have heard everything from, “Your picture goes on the wall,” to “It’s all about New York.” Well, yes, it IS partially about those things…but really it is so much more.

ConfirmationAs our children’s bodies and minds mature, they are able to do things they couldn’t in earlier years and are able to think and process through ideas in ways that they simply had no capacity to do when younger. That includes thinking/feeling about their own Jewish identities and how those identities mesh with their emerging sense of self.

More than 150 years ago, early Reform Jews understood this building-block of psychological growth, and established the ceremony of Confirmation. It was meant to achieve three goals: a) be a group experience; b) be for boys and girls; and c) be an opportunity to explore issues of “heart and head” (soul and mind) in an adult fashion.

This has and continues to be the purpose of Confirmation at B’nai Jehudah. For those who accept the obligation to struggle with questions/issues of God, Torah, and Israel, there are the two perks of New York and being on our Confirmation wall. But both are only symbols of a greater accomplishment: of understanding who we are as Jewish individuals.

We take Confirmation very seriously…so seriously that our rabbis are the teachers. We accept the responsibility ourselves to help nurture Jewish meaning, connection, and continuity within this next generation. Confirmation includes 4 different aspects: classes, retreat and trip, services, and tikkun olam. We added a 5th last year, with each student embarking on their own IJP (Individualized Jewish Path).

Each class is unique. No two years share the same experience. Therefore, relying on last year’s class experience…or even that of a class 10 years ago…won’t tell you what the year will be like. The only way to truly appreciate/understand is experiencing it. We guarantee it will be worth your child’s (and your) time and effort.