Mazel Tov Confirmation Class 2022!

We are proud to present the members of B’nai Jehudah’s 2022 Confirmation Class! It is our great pleasure to honor this amazing group of students by sharing their favorite Jewish memories.

Join us in celebration of all of their achievements during the Erev Shavuot service at 6:00 pm on June 4 at B’nai Jehudah, or virtually on Facebook or Vimeo.

Mazel tov!


Ray Antoniewicz  
My favorite Jewish memory was going to Jewish summer camps. I went to both Camp Sabra in Missouri and 6 Points in North Carolina. I met great friends at both camps. I’m excited to fly by myself to 6 Points this summer, hang out with friends and play my favorite sport, soccer.


Skylar Arlotti
One of my favorite Jewish memories is the first service in the renovated Temple. We all had one huge service led by Rabbi Nemitoff in the new social hall. It felt odd, yet euphoric to be in a new space. Before then, we had been virtual for a year, and to be coming back to a new temple felt great. The best part was when I could feel how safe I felt in the building, as we all teared up a bit during the service to have the renovated Temple be our home.


Evan Beaman
My favorite Jewish memory is right after becoming a bar mitzvah and having the feeling of success and pride as my family watched me. I still remember to this day being so happy that it was over, then being excited as it really was just the beginning for my Jewish journey.


Eve Benditt
My favorite Jewish memory is the kiddush following my bat mitzvah service. Being surrounded by friends, family, and the congregation right after such an important moment in my life was so meaningful to me, and I’m forever grateful to B’nai for the lifelong friendships I’ve made.


Isabel Bernstein
My favorite Jewish memory is the day I taught my friends how to play dreidel in freshman year. None of them are Jewish, but when I brought the small wooden top out of my backpack every single eye at the lunch table lit up. I remember my friends giggling as they showed me the letters they landed on, anxiously waiting for me to tell them what it meant. Halfway through the lunch period, the table exploded when I revealed I had gelt to give them as well. I will never forget the excitement on my friends’ faces as they carefully rolled the stem between their fingers, pounding the air after a successful spin. They each applauded, banging the table and grinning, as I spun the dreidel perfectly, landing on gimmel purely by luck. I was just happy to get it on the first try. I was more happy, though, as my friends tore into their chocolate coins. Something about the way they sabotaged each others’ spins, coveted their gelt, and excitedly pointed to the Hebrew letters for me to read reminded me of my first dreidel game as a toddler, and I fell in love with my religion all over again.


Audrey Bryant
Judaism is the driving factor of my life. It is incredibly important to me in a variety of ways. That being said, picking a favorite memory is difficult. The moments that I will always remember are the days of 180 Menorahs during Hanukkah. Being in the social hall with my entire community and the warm light gives me an internal glow every time.


Josh Citron
My favorite Jewish memory is my Bar Mitzvah. It is my favorite Jewish memory for many different reasons. One reason is because I finally got to become the son of the commandment. Becoming son of the commandment means that I become accountable for my own actions and commandments of the Torah. Another reason why my Bar Mitzvah is my favorite Jewish memory is because of all my hard work, preparation, and dedication I put into it. I was ready for the challenge and afterwards all my hard work paid off. Finally, after all of my hard work and dedication I got to celebrate with all my friends and family.


Miles Cohen
My favorite Jewish memory is by far going to sleepaway camp with friends every summer. Whether it be a URJ summer camp or a BBYO camp. I always have so much fun and make lots of memories each summer. This allows me to make friends with Jews all around the world.


Asher Ginden
My favorite Jewish memory was probably my Bar Mitzvah. I loved having all of my friends and family together to celebrate my big day with me. I loved seeing all of my family from out of town and I love every time I get to see them all. My favorite part about the entire experience was standing on the bimah and giving my d’var torah speech.


Miles Gelman
My favorite Jewish memory is the last day at camp of last year, because we had just found out we needed to leave camp early because of Covid-19 and all of us were crying, but we were all reflecting our summer and remembering all the fun times we had and how we built our own little camp community.



Gabe Goldstein
It’s Passover as I’m writing this, so I’ll share one specific Jewish memory – searching for the chametz at my grandparent’s house the night before Passover. My cousins, brother and I scampered around with a candle and feather in hand searching for the pieces of bread “hidden” by my grandparents.


Emily Himmelstein
My favorite Jewish memory is watching my little sister during her Bat Mitzvah. I remember beaming with pride as she led the congregation through the service flawlessly. Although this was fairly recent, it is a memory that I would like to hold onto for the rest of my life, and will cherish forever.


Eden Iseman
My favorite Jewish memory is singing Jewish songs around a campfire with my friends in Israel. It was a really good way to end our exciting day of going to the Dead Sea and hiking. We swayed back and forth for the slower songs and got loud for the fast ones. My favorite part about it was that it was with some of my favorite people.


Noah Kavan
My favorite Jewish memory is from this past summer, when I took a trip to Colorado with my Jewish peers at Camp Sabra. I made lifelong friends, found out a lot about myself, and got to see things I’d never seen before. I will forever cherish that experience I shared with some of my best friends and counselors.


Tad Lambert
My favorite Jewish memory is helping out with the High Holiday puppet show every year. The rehearsals leading up are always a lot of fun and seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces at the end always makes it worth it. It’s overall a great experience that I look forward to every year and always look positively on past years.


Dylan Levitan
My favorite Jewish memory was when I became a Bar Mitzvah on March 2, 2019. Despite being during the renovation of the temple, I was still able to have a successful service at the Jewish Community Center. It was a really fun weekend spent with a lot of family and friends, and it was a great experience to have.


Leah Martin
My favorite Jewish memory is when I walked across the bimah at my consecration. My oldest cousin was being confirmed that year so he was able to partner up with me and we walked together. Our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were watching and it was a very special moment.


Marissa McLain
Every year, for as long as I can remember, my papa and I make an apple wine cake together before our family’s Passover seder. It is my great-grandmother’s recipe, which my mom also made with her when she was growing up. One year The Kansas City Star interviewed us for a feature in the newspaper about our family tradition.


Noah Reif
My favorite Jewish memory, hands down, is my Bar Mitzvah. Specifically, when I said the last Hebrew word of my Torah portion. I had a lot of self doubt when I started learning it, but at that moment I knew I had done it and finally became a Jewish man.



Zachary Saylan
My favorite Jewish memory was when I became a Bar Mitzvah. On the morning of June 22, 2019, I woke up filled with many different feelings. I was excited, nervous, and ready for the day.  Since the Temple was being renovated, I led my service at the JCC. After years of preparation, I finally was able to experience what I had been working towards. To be honest, the part of the day I enjoyed most was that evening at my party. I loved getting to celebrate all of my hard work with my family and friends.


Mason Warner
My favorite Jewish memory was my B’nai Mitzvah. Even though it was a lot different due to Covid, it was still a great experience. It was strange not having a room full of people during the service, and having limited amounts of people at the party. Although it was a different experience than others in my class, this is my favorite Jewish memory.