Beyond the Bima

We welcomed Rabbi Kramer this past summer and have lots of questions for her! It all started as an interview to learn more about her, and due to popular demand, it has evolved into a series of interviews to learn more about her thoughts, experiences, likes and dislikes, and a smattering of random questions as well.

Have something you’d like to ask? Drop us your questions and you’ll have answers at the next release!


Thanks to all of you who have shared your questions! Rabbi Kramer shares more … about Hanukkah, morning routines, and more to help us get to know her.


Back by popular demand: Another Beyond the Bima interview, featuring Rabbi Kramer’s thoughts on water pressure, new family traditions, the change of seasons and more! Enjoy this lighthearted interview, led by B’nai Jehudah member Carrie Robinson.


Get to know Rabbi Kramer with these insightful – and sometimes funny – answers in this lightning round interview, led by B’nai Jehudah member Carrie Robinson!


With a little help from B’nai Jehudah member Carrie Robinson, Rabbi Kramer shares her thoughts on our congregation’s core values. This is a great way to get to know more about Rabbi Kramer