Where are we heading?

When I was in college, I successfully avoided taking a statistics class. A roommate of mine, who had a head of numbers, loved statistics. A couple of times, I tried to have him explain how statistics work…it was a miserable failure.

And I am sure you know the joke: 47% of all statistics are made up!
That MAY be the case. However, statistics that are real and verifiable are invaluable. Why? Because is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to understand the trends that will affect our lives. And those trends are best determined by statisticians, demographers, and sociologists…who work in tandem to divine where we are going. Statistics and the trends to which they point reveal much about who we are.
And so, I have depended on those who are great at analyzing data and trends to help me understand what the future might look like. Equally important, though, by looking at the data, we learn how to PREPARE for the future…and perhaps even alter it.  
* * * 
A few years ago, friends of mine invited me to dinner with a friend of theirs. Their friend was Prof. Steven M. Cohen. We sat for three hours. During that time, I learned more about the Jewish future than anything (and everything) I had read for the previous six months.
Most Jewish professionals know Prof. Cohen by name and reputation. He is the leading demographer and analyzer of Jewish data trends in America…and perhaps the world. He consulted on and was instrumental in decoding the Pew Study regarding Jewish trends in this country.
I knew we need to have him speak at B’nai Jehudah. And now he is. 
We are delighted to welcome Prof. Cohen to B’nai Jehudah, as part of the Barton M. Cohen and Mary Davidson Cohen Scholar-in-Residence Weekend. I hope you will join us during Erev Shabbat services on Friday, October 27 and Shabbat afternoon, October 28. Together, let us learn what our future holds!